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We are Ignis, a group of non-profit researchers dedicated to shedding light on topics ranging from politics to the newest Taylor Swift song! The group was created on 5th May 2022 by Mehreen Kabir, Mahiba Arshia and Nayara Shah with the intention of spreading information and educating others.

Here you’ll find essays that discuss factual as well as interpretation-based articles that showcase the history, effects and causes of a certain event, concept, piece of media, etc as well as two different or contrasting opinions on a certain topic showcasing the reasoning behind each. All the sources used will be listed at the end of each article, please refer to them in case of confusion while reading.

Although we’re dedicated to authentic journalism and proper research, all of the members here are beginners who have not had any professional experience, so please keep in mind that we’re all still learning and growing our skills. As we’re a non-profit group, we would appreciate any type of support; monetary or not!

Please let us know if you find any problem in your work, e.g. an error in our essays, unreliable sources used, or incomprehensible wording. Ignis is a place for education, and spreading false information is not our intent. That being said, we hope you enjoy your time on our website! Learn something new at our own Grecian Coffee House!

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