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Mehreen Kabir

Hi! I’m Mehreen, a Bangladeshi student living in Toronto, Canada. A lot of people call me a nerd and I honestly can’t blame them, as I’m the type of person to have a map on their wall at which they regularly stare from time to time. Alongside geopolitics, I’m a lover of art, film and fashion. Between school and extracurriculars, a lot of these articles were very likely written by a very stressed Mehreen, potentially about to pull an all-nighter. Regardless, I love researching and writing articles, and I hope you’ll like reading them!

Mahiba Arshia

Hello there! My name’s Mahiba and I’m currently a high school student. I’m interested in all Arts subjects from economics to literature. My mind is filled with obscure literary and historical references along with the last AJJ song I listened to, playing on loop. I enjoy drawing both traditionally and digitally, although, if I’m being honest, I’m not particularly good at either! These articles allow an excellent opportunity for me to learn and do in-depth studies on topics I otherwise wouldn’t have read about. Through Ignis, I wish to improve my writing and analysis skills to help me one day become a true researcher; all while giving curious souls on the internet something to munch on! I hope you’ll enjoy your time here~!

Nayara Shah

Hi! I’m Nayara, a Bangladeshi student with a passion for South Asian culture and representation. I always like to sit down and draw, digitally or traditionally, while listening to some popular dance-pop song. The subjects I like are science and literature, and I have an interest in writing articles, stories and poems. I’m an avid visual novel game enjoyer, and I always love relaxing with a good book. Looking forward to accommodating your stay here and I hope you take a liking to my writing!

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